IoT air humidifier test drive

Creating a maker friendly DIY IoT home automation solution

With the deadline coming close, I did a first test drive for a IoT air humidifier:


The sensor node measures temperature and humidity and publishes them to the topics Bittailor/PiOne/Node1/Sensors/Temperature
and Bittailor/PiOne/Node1/Sensors/Humidity.

The actor node subscribes to the topic Bittailor/PiOne/Node2/Actor/Switch to control the LED which acts as Humidifier.

The MQTT-SN messages are sent over the wireless sensor network to the MQTT-SN gateway running on the gateway node. The MQTT-SN gateway I built with Kura forwards them as MQTT messages to the Mosquitto MQTT broker, also running on the gateway.

And finally Node-RED, also running on the gateway, is used to wire the control logic.


So lets make some dry air and see if it works.

It worked

The code for the nodes and the MQTT-SN gateway can be found on . It still needs some further development and clean up, but now I have to heat up my soldering iron and solder my sensor node PCBs.

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